Five Minute Friday: World

World: what a great word for today! When I think about our world now, it is no longer just my safe suburban neighborhood or the woods I grew up safely wandering – coming home dirty, bug bitten and tired.Haiti 2013-1 226

Now its the world next-door, dark faces lit up with brilliant smiles, a world where safe isn’t even thought to exist, where there are no guarantees – food, education, medical care, justice – not even something that can be imagined or hoped for.

Haiti 2013-1 010

All that is taken for granted is a day-to-day existence, another mouth to feed, no husband to help provide an income.

Haiti 2011 085

Carrying a business on your head in a plastic tub,

Haiti 2011 095

hoping to make the $2 a day that over half the world survives on while the lucky of us get to wake up between clean sheets, chilly from the breeze of a fan.

Haiti 2011 160Haitian paintings

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: World”

  1. There is always hope even in the midst of excruciating poverty. Even when it feels as if hope is impossible, a tiny spark will ignite it and there it is, flaming, bright, beautiful.

    Yes, the world is a big place and it’s not as safe as we imagine. Still, children laugh and dram and imagine and smile. And we can love so much more than we ever imagined when the world was so small.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday,

    Drusilla Barron

    1. Thanks for visiting! I’ve seen beauty, resiliency, and strength on my trips to Haiti, but not a lot of hope. Most people there don’t even know there is anything different to hope for. But they keep going anyway – we have a lot to learn from them about determination and faith. And it helps if those of us from easy places can raise awareness about how most people in the world live.

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