I Left a Piece of My Heart In Upstate NY

Well, (that’s a deep subject, my Mom would always say…)  its true – in the beginning when you have those little ones and you can’t get enough sleep and you’re changing countless diapers and refereeing squabbles all day – you take each precious moment and store it up in your heart and mind.  The smell at the back of your newborn’s neck.  The chubby hand holding yours.  The fifth time through “Good Night Moon”.   The lisps, the grins, the words like “pasgetti” and “gymnasnicks”.  A lot of times you have to reach for it through the bone-tiredness, but you do recognize the joy and preciousness of it all… I used to nod and smile at the older generation every time they told me “Enjoy it…”.    I wanted to say “I AM –  as much as I can!!” The days feel endless.  But the years are fast.

Saturday we dropped off our oldest to work at a camp for 2 months – she’s 17 and eager to be independent.  I’m happy for her and so excited to see the opportunities that are opening up for her as she pursues her interests and finishes her education!  But my heart aches, too.  This summer isn’t really a big deal.  But I know it’s the beginning of the next phase.  She’ll come back a different person and soon she’ll be spreading her wings and heading out into the world for good…

I’ve enjoyed every minute as much as I can,  AND it does go fast…  photo

Dates With My Kids

Mom and NatOne practice we instituted with our kids during these crazy, fun, hard, awesome years of parenting has been “time together.”  The simple name is just what it is – a little time carved out one-on-one with each child.  I don’t remember when we got deliberate about it, but I do clearly remember the first one – the newborn Continue reading Dates With My Kids