Five Minute Friday: World

World: what a great word for today! When I think about our world now, it is no longer just my safe suburban neighborhood or the woods I grew up safely wandering – coming home dirty, bug bitten and tired.Haiti 2013-1 226

Now its the world next-door, Continue reading Five Minute Friday: World

Five Minute Friday: Blue

Is there something wrong that the word “blue” makes me think of sadness?  “The blues”  Feeling melancholy… For some of you out there, the fight to stay out of the blues has never been a problem.  If you are someone like me, though, it can sometimes be a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute thing.Water's Edge  And I don’t like to admit that.  It feels weak.  I want to be strong.  In fact, in many ways, I am strong.  I keep going, keep laughing, keep hugging, kissing boo boos, listening to dreams, doing the dishes and the laundry, the dusting and the sweeping.  There are so many moments Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Blue