Five Minute Friday: World

World: what a great word for today! When I think about our world now, it is no longer just my safe suburban neighborhood or the woods I grew up safely wandering – coming home dirty, bug bitten and tired.Haiti 2013-1 226

Now its the world next-door, Continue reading Five Minute Friday: World

Best Ways For Reaching Joy…

RaindropsWe had another one of those gloomy New England days here, where the clouds hang low but it doesn’t rain.  Something as simple as sunshine or the lack of it makes a big difference in my outlook!  So I thought it was a good time to post the top things Continue reading Best Ways For Reaching Joy…

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

I think Mother’s Day can be hard – so many expectations, so many ways it can fall flat.  Don’t get me wrong – its a nice idea to make sure we take the time to thank the important people in our lives.  Hopefully, though, its not just a “one and done” kind of deal.  The important people in our lives Continue reading Thoughts on Mother’s Day