Kombucha part 2

Finally, as promised, I am posting the follow-up to my kombucha post.   If you’ve followed the steps there, you should be ready to flavor and bottle your brew – and get the next batch going!

Tea for kombucha
Tea for Kombucha

First, you want to brew some tea just like you did in part 1.  (Boil 4 cups filtered water, and add 1 cup white sugar and 10 bags (or the equivalent of loose) black tea.  You can also include some green & white tea.  I have been using 4 black, and 3 each green & white.   Let this cool to room temperature. Continue reading Kombucha part 2

Kombucha – my new fave fizzy drink

kombuchaI first heard about kombucha on DaNelle Wolford’s blog Weed ’em and Reap.  Something healthy that tastes awesome?? I had to try it!  I was afraid that, like so many other things that sound great to me (yes, I’ve had plenty of flops learning experiences), I would be disappointed with the results.  Well, this stuff is AWESOME!!  The best way to describe the taste is like a bubbly iced tea.

I won’t go into the history and science here, but there are lots of places you can read up about it online – my favorites include the one mentioned above, Kombucha Brooklyn , and this one on continuous brew at Wellness Mama.  I’m so excited about my kombucha that I decided to make it my first “DIY” blog post. Continue reading Kombucha – my new fave fizzy drink