Thoughts on Mother’s Day

I think Mother’s Day can be hard – so many expectations, so many ways it can fall flat.  Don’t get me wrong – its a nice idea to make sure we take the time to thank the important people in our lives.  Hopefully, though, its not just a “one and done” kind of deal.  The important people in our lives need to be thanked every day in countless little ways – just the way they sacrifice every day in countless ways for us.

Personally, I would prefer that to the one big “hurrah” of breakfast in bed (okay, so I wouldn’t turn it down, though!), homemade cards and gifts, and having to make plans to “enjoy my day”  while at the same time making sure my own Mom gets celebrated, too.  Most of the time if feels like a lot of pressure to squeeze gratitude into one day and make it special.

Do you take deliberate moments each day or week to express your gratitude in little unexpected ways?  Do you teach your kids to do the same?  Make a phone call, do the chore the person most dreads, write and snail mail a note, buy a favorite food… just because. 

My thoughts also go out to those who may find Mother’s Day hard for any number of reasons – losses, illness, being a single parent, your own Mother wasn’t what “Moms” are supposed to be, or you’ve struggled to become a Mom and haven’t been able to.  In these situations, Mother’s Day is a day to mourn or to ignore and hope it passes quickly.  If you have people like this in your life, remember to express grace and compassion.  Take the time to listen, embrace, and comfort.  If you are the “someone” give yourself compassion and grace today.  Allow yourself to mourn, or be angry, or even ignore the day.

Happy Mother’s Day – take it as it comes, with whatever it brings you, whatever stage it finds you in.  Reach for the joy in the moments and leave the rest behind…

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